Hotel La Briosa

Hotel la Briosa represents a bold and innovative architectural interpretation of a multistory wooden building in the context of the historic city center of Bolzano, Italy. The project is characterized by an experimental approach regarding formal choices, processes, and construction aspects. Seemingly dissimilar architectural styles are integrated into a project full of contrasting elements, resulting in a single organism in which tradition and modernity coexist. Hotel La Briosa is a virtuoso exercise in terms of building biology and the technological solutions adopted. From a partly demolished existing building, the new multistory structure was built with prefabricated wooden walls, characterized by the integration of splayed concrete openings that create a fresh and playful façade configuration. The wood was lumbered at a specific time regarding moon phases and was given special drying times and conditions to ensure the best durability and quality in terms of living comfort.


Arch. Felix Perasso, Arch. Daniel Tolpeit, Armin Strickner, Ing. Stefano Moravi

Year of completion

Bolzano, Italy

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