Baker Brothers Bakery – Garitage Park

The Baker Brother space in Garitage Park is a production bakery with a visitors ’lounge. The space has a solid industrial character to emphasise the feeling of a place where artisan bread is made. The connection between the visitor lounge and the production part is built through a decorative lamella wall with an unobtrusive detail with transparent elements so that visitors have a direct visual connection and can directly observe the preparation process in its entirety, which also becomes a dynamic and iridescent accent throughout space. The salon comprises two central functional units – a place for a quick visit, a coffee or a meeting and a small restaurant area. A completely light and minimalist tonality is chosen, with clean concrete and metal surfaces and simple in-silhouette furniture to provide an unobtrusive base and background against which the warm shade of freshly baked bread stands out. Light wood finishes soften the overall atmosphere, and creeping greenery becomes a subtle, evolving decorative element, bringing a delicate natural colour to the space.


Cache atelier

Baker Brothers – Garitage Park

Year of completion

Sofia, Bulgaria

Total area
450 m2

Minko Minev

Project Partners

Garitage Park

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