Apartment in Kifisia

March 17, 2022|Architecture|

The design approach for this apartment renovation in Kifisia, focuses on the vision of a contemporary lifestyle for its owners. Emphasizing to provide a minimal living space, the concept combines rich textures, flowing, curved surfaces and a smooth color palette. As a result, the apartment offers a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Furthermore, the outdoor living space reflects the same conceptual guidelines. Thanks to the large openings, the balcony, unified with the indoors, provide a unique living space and a beautiful view of Kifisia. Equally important, is the abundant natural light that enters the interior through the façade. In that way, the apartment makes the best out of the living experience.


KORDAS Architects
Principal Architect: Aristides Kordas
Project Architect: Anastasis Dimokas
Design Team: Eleni Tsaprali

Kifisia, Greece

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