Air weare

Air weare is a device sensor which monitors and tracks air pollutants in environment. The sensor tracks concentrations of various pollutants in the air, while the phone serves as an interface for tracking detailed air qualIty data through a mobile app. Device is equipped with sensors that monitor: PM10 (particulate matter), PM2.5 VOC (volatile organic compounds), CO, NO2, temperature and humidity.Air enters and reaches the sensors through the circular slot, while a circular led lamp with lights in red, green and yellow informs the user about the overall air quality (AQI – air quality index).
It has been designed as a wearable device to ensure the sensor is always with the user, keeping track and gathering data concerning air quality, as well as places and periods of time the user has been exposed to pollution. The device is charged wirelessly.


Studio Ru:t, Croatia

Progra, croatia

Year of production

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