4/6 FOUR SIX – Coffee&Drinks, Belgrade

In the heart of Vracar, one of the most beautiful parts of Belgrade, a new non-standard place opened for coffee, cocktail and wine lovers, also with the non-standard name 4/6 FOUR SIX. The concept of the bar, as well as its name 4/6 Four Six, was created by merging the ideas of interior author Vladimir Paripović, using the number of the building in which the bar is located (46), completed the whole the concept of this new urban place. The number appears as a kind of determinant in the construction of visual identity, name, but also the interior. It started from the fact that “numbers” are an integral part of every beverage: a gram of espresso, a militrage of a certain alcoholic beverage in a cocktail … and which are most often shown in a fraction – a certain ratio. With numerous layers and plans in the space, the author of the interior also wanted to stay in the context of the “fraction” that for him is characterized by division, fragmentation and a multitude of layers within the whole. The author of the interior consciously wanted to flirt with nature as well. He envisioned elements of a hanging garden – six hanging boxes made of MDF, with built-in lighting and a brown mirror that reflects the environment.


PARCH STUDIO; Vladimir Paripovic

Year of completion

Belgrade, Serbia

Total area
70 m2

Vladimir Paripovic

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