Lavish Nail Lounge

Lavish Nail Lounge is a beauty salon located in Galerija Shopping Center in Belgrade, Serbia. The idea was to create a pleasant and comfortable space that gives a fresh and luxurious ambiance for visitors and employees. A simple and elegant interior design, with pastel-colored walls, gold details and marble tops, matches the design requests of a vibrant and exclusive commercial core. The salon is essentially designed as an open space, but it is cleverly divided into several functional zones. Special features used in zoning the space are partition curtains. The space is at the same time open and closed to the shop window and random passers-by. The impression of playfulness of the space was achieved with arched niches with additional lighting. The dark blue-colored central arch gives space more depth, although the surface area is only 30 m2. A charming and unconventional approach to space organization is necessary to design a small space. Designing small space is a big challenge for the architect, therefore all spatial limitations must become spatial advantages. Studio LINE4DESIGN responded to all challenges and space boundaries in this project.


Line4design; Jasmina Kukrika

Lavish Nail Lounge

Year of completion

Belgrade, Serbia

Total area
30 m2

Slobodan Gosic

Stage 180°

Project Partners

Nova Luce, Nina & Nera Shop, Ginko, Namestaj Jorgic, Villerroy and Boch

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