Unique offices for the Siemens Developer team – 1.000 m2 in the West City B2 building in Prague converted into a unique, bright, modern, spacious and unusual environment with different spaces to work, to encourage relaxation and to host informal meetings. This Development Centre required, according to Siemens, conditions and qualities that motivate its users, mainly engineers, and their ability to bring their technological innovations to life, based on a multifunctional work environment.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?

Unique office environment motivating and inspiring its users to work on technological innovations.














About the authors

CAPEXUS provides complex design & building services, following the latest trends in the field of office architecture and interior design. Over 70 professionals, specializing in architecture, design, workplace consultancy, building realization & technology and turnkey interior solutions. Over 8 years CAPEXUS has delivered over 500 000 m2 of new office space for over 400 companies, from large corporations to dynamic start-ups.


Authors (architectural part): Tereza Bradová, Erika Bohatá, CAPEXUS s.r.o.
Client: Siemens, s.r.o.
Photos: CAPEXUS s.r.o.

Year of completion: 2016
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Total area: 1000 m2

Text provided by the authors of the project.

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