The exhibition “Making of a Forest” is based on the current state of Czech forestry. It presents the keystones of forest-based production, forest maintenance and logging. The visual material for the exhibition was created over the course of one year and represents a time-lapse record of the 100-year-long cycle of a forest. It captures the process of cultivation of trees, logging and the transformation of trees into wood.




The exhibition reflects the cultural conception of a forest. We’re passing through an urban environment, through exhibition halls whose visual and structural nature makes reference to the “temples” of our civilization. The photographic representation calls into question the very dichotomy nature vs. culture, art and industry. Our view of the forest is an anthropocentric one – we see it as a silvicultural environment.




By placing emphasis on the activities that affect the function of forests, we’re opening a debate about the nature of human influence. We believe in social responsibility and a long-term concept of forestry which will preserve the complex role of forests in both cultural and natural contexts.



Authors: Mjölk architekti, BoysPlayNice
Photos: BoysPlayNice
Client: Kloboucká lesní
Year of completion: 2017
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Surface: 700 m²

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