Wooden pedestrian and bycicle footbridge, Bohinj

The new footbridge connects to the Bohinj cycle path, which we designed more than 10 years ago. It is located between the settlements of Kamnje and Polje at a location where the road and the river meet. The river banks are different in height (3 m) and character (urban and natural), and this “asymmetrical” situation is connected with the line of the bridge, which establishes a horizon for crossing, as well as for experiencing the Bohinj mountain landscape. On the left bank, the footbridge descends to the path over the bridge, and in the riverbed it rests with a pillar on the existing rock. The footbridge also has a “side arm” that points towards Kamnje and a direct view towards Peči. On the right bank is a resting place with bicycle equipment. The footbridge is designed as a typology of a covered bridge that offers protection from rain and sun, as well as space for views, play and contemplation. It evokes the “rural wooden temple” or. hayrack above the water (with construction, pillar rhythms, wooden details and ties, eaves, roof, all made of local wood). With a strong, voluminous presence, the footbridge tries to upgrade the heterogeneous area and connect it into a whole.


Atelje Ostan Pavlin D.o.o.; Aleksander Ostan, Nataša Pavlin

Anže Repinc

Coauthor of the open space design
Jana Kozamernik

Občina Bohinj

Year of completion

Bohinj, Slovenia

Total area
Footbridge 40m
Wooden Path/deck 30m
Side Arm 15m

Miran Kambič, Aleksander Ostan

Project Partners

Konzola d.o.o

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