Kmetija Pustotnik, Gorenja vas

We are a family farm that has found its way between the cheeses. In order to take advantage of everything that domestic milk offers, 2u2a and Milan Brence started a new house tradition in the early 1990s. Together with excellent employees and partner farms, we preserve the values of traditional cheese production and, in a modern way, we are creatively fulfilling the vision that made it all happen: to create the best that is offered by milk. Due to their dedication and hard work, 2u2a and Milan managed to expand their professional activity throughout the years. At the same time, they raised four children, who were taking part in the activities at the farm already while growing up. Today, the farm and the cheese diary are all ran by the two generations. The children have all found their career paths within the family business. They continue the household tradition with the support of dedicated co-workers, suppliers, partners, and customers.


Milan Brence, Žuža Brence

Milan Brence, Žuža Brence


Year of completion

Gorenja Vas, Slovenia

Project Partners

Bojan Primožič, Jure Podobnik, Vojko Adamič, Nejc Krek, Janez Oman

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