Wildfarm Volterra

A small, compact rural unit nestled amidst woods, olive trees, and the distant scent of the sea on the horizon; this is the setting for the recovery and expansion intervention on a small farm in the Volterra area. Inspired by the rugged rocks scattered across the hilly terrain, the concept for expanding the small building took shape: loose stones become integral to the construction, connecting the existing structure with newly built prismatic monoliths through transparent connections made of Corten steel and glass. This clear sculpting of the two structures merges them seamlessly.

Simultaneously, in homage to the traditional practices of the region, the stone bridges the height difference between the building and the technical space below, creating a play of light and shadow. Metaphysical extensions seem to float on a stone carpet, which also accommodates the swimming pool, unfolding in the park adorned with outcropping rocks and herbaceous plants. This integration harmoniously links the sinuous lines of nature with the crisp, dynamic forms of the new architectural intervention.


Studio di Architettura Andrea Milani

Year of completion

Volterra, Italy

Del Rio Bani

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