White villa

The requirement of the Client fully corresponded to our current research as regards the concept. The question was what can be made from this huge whiteness? The Client would have liked to have a reserved, harmonic, clean space. The “white space” was expressly requested. White and its shades. One would not believe the fine shades with which it is possible to scale the white color. In the case of this house, in the background of the clarified, simple appearance, there is a multitude of very complex partial solutions. Due to this complexity, simpleness is also very complex.

The Client requested at the end of the designing process that the building should be implemented in the quality that corresponds to the design. Therefore the Client also involved our team in implementation. The RING STUDIO delivered all the claddings, wall-papers, sanitary accessories, lamps, and chattels. We also checked the work of all the professions that were involved in interior architecture and we contributed to solving the problems that arose with technical advice and solutions.


Ring Studio Kft.


Year of completion

Diósd, Hungary

Total area
400 m2


Project Partners

Unique carpentry furniture: Timbor-Fa Kft.
Indoor doors: JAP

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