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Total Control Screen, connectivity, video-recipes and an integrated door camera: the first intelligent oven with 100% touch technology. Step into the future and cook with a touch. Site and Date – Thanks to its expertise in proposing unique and useful appliances aimed to simplify the consumer’s life, Candy is pleased to present the revolutionary Watch&Touch Oven with full-touch door display, to manage each moment of food preparation with a simple touch.

Candy Watch&Touch Oven with Total Control Screen, represents the pinnacle of the Candy simply-Fi Wi-Fi technology that enables all appliances to be managed remotely with a single app. The oven door is equipped with the Total Control Screen, becoming a real command panel: a full 19” touch screen with user-friendly interface allows you to command, control and supervise every stage of the cooking process. The integrated door camera, combined with the patented U-see illumination, made up of lateral LED lights positioned in the inner door of the oven, provides an optimal view of the interior of the cavity and a close-up of the dishes being cooked to ensure constant monitoring without opening the door. Thanks to the integration of the Candy simply-Fi connectivity technology, users can also monitor the cooking remotely from tablet or smartphone. This product marks the breakthrough in the oven market in terms of innovation and excellence. Intuitive to use, even people who are not highly familiar with technology are able to enjoy the best cooking experience thanks to its easy management, while all the advanced features given by the multi-step cooking can inspire conscious consumers and increase their culinary expertise.  Cooking has never been so easy, thanks to the pre-loaded video-recipes that can be viewed on the door of the oven: “live teaching” tutorials allow users to follow step-by-step the preparation of their menus; at the end of the video, the oven is pre-set to cook the recipes just realized, ensuring the best result. Suggested cooking programmes: more than 70 cooking programs suggesting the best combination of options to cook your favourite dish only customizing the portions required. And through Personal Programmes, you can create your own library containing your personal and preferred cooking programs. The Candy Watch&Touch Oven is truly high-end with its premium features and iconic design: 78 lt maxi cavity and multifunction cooking for outstanding performances with uniform results up to 5 cooking levels. The design, clean and without knobs, is in line with the stylistic features of Candy, adapting to the contemporary kitchen.

With Watch&Touch Oven the company echoes its mission: offering easy to use products able to simplify consumers’ lives thanks to great innovation. With this product, Candy expresses all the Italian values of the brand, such as creativity and style, reflected in the globally recognised excellence of Italy’s cuisine.
The product is completely developed and manufactured in the R&D labs of the Candy Group and is available in the European markets since mid of 2017.
“Being the first to develop unique and innovative products is in the DNA of Candy, which has always anticipated the major technological revolutions in its market. In our growth strategy, the complete renewal of the ranges is a major axis, which will allow us to create unique products from the point of view of design, performances and above all, of the user experience” said Marco Balliano, Head of Built-In & Cooking Business Sector of Candy Group. “We were the first group to launch in 2014 a full range of Wi-Fi connected products. The continuous dialogue and exchange of information with our customers allow us to collect valuable data on their interaction with the appliance, useful to improve our products and to learn more about their expectations on next generation products” continues Balliano. He concludes “the Watch & Touch Oven is the first product designed and developed to meet these expectations and to ensure a great emotional experience. Easy, intuitive and engaging interaction with the appliance, just like with your smartphone”.

About the producer:
Haier Europe is a branch of Qingdao Haier Group, a global leader in home appliances, founded in 1989 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange from 19th November 1993. Since founded, Qingdao Haier has grown by meeting customer needs through its strategic commitment to innovation, branding, R&D, and intelligent manufacture, as well as domestic and international expansion, becoming the world’s largest manufacturers of home appliance goods. The Group’s vision is to become also the global leader in IoT era for smart home appliances. Qingdao Haier Group has today a global market share based on volumes of 15.4% on major appliances, 22.7% on freestanding refrigeration appliances and 19.8% in home laundry appliances (source: Euromonitor International) and a global turnover close to $40 million.
From January 2019, after merging the operations of Candy Group, Haier Europe ranks fifth (source: Euromonitor International). Haier Europe can count on highly successful brands such as Candy, Hoover, Haier, Rosières, GE Appliances and Fisher & Paykel respectively aiming to become the consumers’ top of mind in their own market segments and geographies. Haier Europe is headquartered in Brugherio, Italy.



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