AMX MODULAR DESIGN for assembling lines and stations

Amx X Smart has a modular design used in stations of different sizes and functions. The modular station stand-alone or connected to other stations composes a complete automatic assembling line. The X-Smart on board configurations are limitless and customized on client requests. The project combines design and Industry 4.0 requirements. The machine can have different configurations, safe conditions and a better connection between man, space and production. The operator area was designed to be intuitive, safe and enjoyable, in order to have a comfortable and productive work environment.

X-Smart has an operative software installed, the graphic interface was studied and designed in line with the modular concept; intuitive and easy to use is comparable with the comfort we have every day on our tablets and phones.

This specific modular station has on board a measuring system used for quality control over the parts dimensions.



About the design studio:

Design AG by Andrea Gallina

Freelance industrial product designer and interior designer. In my working method a careful research and a careful spirit of observation towards the past, the present and the future are fundamental. I always try to create original, tailor-made, eco-sustainable and technologically advanced ideas.

Madvision no toy communication by Alessandro Lolli

I deal with communication design as a visual code to stimulate the attention and taste of my clients’ target. I create communication tools with particular attention to the aesthetic side: packaging, logos, brochures, websites, videos etc. Also the products of the customers are means of communication that can give voice to their brand. I work with industrial designers to be able to create “communication objects” that exceed the temporality of a print announcement.

About the producer: Amx Automatrix srl

It produces tools and machinery for assembly and automation for the automotive, white goods, medical sectors etc.



Designer: Design AG by Andrea Gallina; Madvision no toy communication by Alessandro Lolli
Producer: Amx Automatrix srl
Country: Italy
Year of production: 2016
Photos: Madvision no toy communication

Text provided by the authors of the project.