Professional repellent for martens, mice, rats and a weasel that drives away pests. The basis is an electronic circuit with amicro computer that generates a modulated sinusoidal ultrasonic acoustic signal with a stepwise variable frequency and random jumps in the range of 24-30 kHz. The property of the signal is its almost infinite variability in time, so it does not happen that the animal gets used to the generated signal and stops bothering it. The unit can be powered by AAA batteries or an adapter. The product has a TUV certificate. The body of the repellent is made of plastic with additives for use in outdoor environments. It resists adverse weather conditions well (does not turn yellow, does not become brittle). At the same time, it is protected against the ingress of dust, water and moisture. For fixing to a wall, post or tree, it is possible to use the anchoring part, which is an accessory.


Zdenek Veverka


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Zdenek Veverka

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