VIVA Bench

The collection VIVA is composed of executive armchairs, guest chairs, and benches, characterized by minimal aesthetics and maximum comfort. Viva Bench is a truly unique piece of furniture thanks to its numerous modular options. It also features an acoustic anti-bacterial upholstered panel available on the beam, which ensures social distancing, sound quality, and hygiene. Two additional details make a significant difference, namely a convenient and manageable backrest accessory and a practical table-top to complete the bench. This bench has been meticulously designed and thoroughly tested to seamlessly integrate into any public space, ranging from the waiting room of private studios to larger public waiting areas. Its suitability is backed by the UNI EN standards EN 16139 EN 1022 EN 1728 EN ISO 354:2003 and Fireproof Class 1IM.



Vaghi srl

Year of production

Nicole Marnati

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