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Adria Home, d.o.o. (member of the Adria Mobil/Trigano group) is a leading European manufacturer of mobile homes, glamping tents and floating houses (www.adria-home.com). Adria, who led by design and innovation as the leading role in all product manufacturing processes (creation, design, development, production, service and marketing), remains the dictator of the number one guidelines in the field of holiday accommodation, as it brings its users an unforgettable holiday experience in nature. The new XLine series is the successor to the Premium class of Adria mobile homes. The development of the new XLine series is based on the latest thorough surveys of people’s needs and behavior in vacation and represents the integration of innovative modular solutions for space management, which combine modern and elegant look. It is intended for holiday lovers and adventurers with a strong desire to spend time in the heart of nature without having to sacrifice style, comfort and functionality. A variety of external and internal coatings of modular combinations allows the series to fit into different environments and glamping ‘stories’, thus satisfying even the most demanding B2B or B2C customers.


ADRIA DOM d.o.o., Sito storitve d.o.o.; Andraž Šapec, Matic Vihtelič, Slovenia

ADRIA DOM d.o.o., Slovenia

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