Kitchen composter Bokashi Organko 2 (BO 2), Gigodesign; Slovenia

Today, we are increasingly concerned about our health and a responsible, sustainable attitude towards the environment. We are increasingly looking for healthy, fresh, organic food. The answer and solution to this is kitchen composter Bokashi Organko 2 (BO 2), which encourages people to produce healthy, natural food at home, with urban garden on the window sill, on the balcony or classically in the garden. BO 2 is one of the most innovative, award-winning, very easy-to-use solutions that ferments kitchen bio-waste to a base for quality compost. A by-product is fermentation liquid – a natural fertilizer for flowers and vegetables. Bio-waste thus becomes a source of new life, and the food produced is natural and healthy. BO 2 gives users a chance to perform a circular economy already at home, in the kitchen, where bio-waste is generated.
Minimalistically designed, made from recycled materials, elegant lines in beige color, BO 2 fits into every modern kitchen. It is aesthetic, stylish, modern, easy-to-use solution that one should put directly on the kitchen counter as an exceptional added value.



Plastika Skaza d.o.o.

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