Alpina Elite 3.0

Alpina Elite 3.0 is the world’s lightest and most responsive nordic ski boot for top level racers. For the first time in the world of nordic ski racing the circulation of air enables the foot to remain dry and keep your power kick at maximum. They are more environmentally friendly too since they are the first boots made without the use of PVC materials and replacing them with more eco-friendly solutions. The Elite 3.0 range excels in extreme fit, stability, and lightness of the boot, allowing athletes to optimise the use of energy and ski velocity. These boots are made of state-of-art technological material and top-quality component parts. Light carbon-composite is used to increase lateral and torsion stability. Carefully selected gaiter material guarantees water resistance and breathability. The inner lacing system provides better fit and even distribution of force throughout the foot. Particular emphasis was placed on building strong recognisability through a bold graphic identity. The Elite 3.0 design was developed by listening closely to top-level racers.


Studio Miklavc: Andrej Šenk, Silva Vitez, Jure Miklavc, Slovenia & Alpina in-house design: Robert Križnar, Slovenia

Alpina, d.o.o., Slovenia

Year of production

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