V house #primacasapassiva, Camalavicina

Located in the hinterland of the lake, it is oriented from north to south to respect the dimensional and legislative constraints insisted on the small project lot. On the one hand lapped by a stream, on the other two sides by vineyards to the south by a residential building. Although the building is a single body of the building, it is divided into two volumes with different uses. The largest volume is intended for residential use, while the smaller volume is for use as boxes and carpentry workshops. The two volumes are connected by the inverted pitched roof with a central valley. The construction rests on a single warm foundation slab that connects the street level to the lowest floor level at minus one meter.
The double height environment of the living room / kitchen acts as a greenhouse volume for passive heating of the residential part, having generous windows to the south and west.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
The project aims to be a barn to be lived every day. Passive houses must be affordable for everyone.


estudoquarto s.r.l. Studio di Architettura; Marcio Tolotti

Main contractor for wood construction
Abete Project


Year of completion

Camalavicina, Italy

Total area
240 m2

Marcio Tolotti

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