TRENCH Siemens, Leonding

The requirement for the building was to erect a 25-meter-high hall in which measurements can be carried out without a magnetic field and are not falsified by magnetic steel parts (transformers in the hall are shot at with artificial lightning). Therefore there was only the possibility to build them out of wood or in concrete with a glass fiber reinforcement. Building a wooden hall 25 meters high without any steel parts is not an everyday construction task and challenged civil engineers and architects in their work. The art of this building was to erect the entire primary construction metal-free. All lifting forces were able to get through the excessive gravel cover on the roof to be loosened. All horizontal forces are passed on through various interlockings of the cross-laminated timber, which forms the roof and wall panels. Like Lego bricks, this project is one of the most exciting timber engineering projects in Austria due to its extensive development work and the fact that there are no steel parts as far as possible.


Jochen Mugrauer

Obermayr Holzkonstruktionen Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Year of completion

Leonding, Austria

Trench Leonding

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