Touristic villa ‘S,M,L’, Tivat

Luxury villa “S, M, L” is positioned in immediate vicinity of the seashore on the south side of Tivat Bay, in Krasici, with unique view of the bay. Functional zoning was generated with organization of open thematic spaces at the locations that have different purpose, as well as possibility of their transformation regarding specific user needs. Basic volumetry of the building is generated with main axis in direction north-east/south-west that “gathers” key program units and connects two main accesses to the location. In addition to its “communicational” purpose, the axis is important on numerous narratives in landscape design that alternate linearly and relate to the contents of the ground floor of villa: Mediterranean garden, pool, atrium, amphitheater, and activity zone related on very waterfront. Concept of dynamic, segmented volumetry materialized in stone and dark wood, reduces impression of its size, therefore the building stands as new “landmark” and an example of successful integration and sensibility of landscape of Tivat Bay.


Studio Synthesis architecture&design

Lead Designer
Sonja Radovic Jelovac

Co Architects
Nikodin Zizic, Marija Jakic

Design Team
Lela Redzepagic, Ivana Stamatovic


Year of completion

Tivat, Montenegro

Total area
1.345 m2

Site area
1.818,65 m2

Relja Ivanić, Slaven Vilus

Project Partners

Artefacto+ Design Center d.o.o.

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