Do not throw away the plastic bottle – transform it to 3D printing filament!
Some seventy years ago, a “miraculous” material was discovered – elastic, light, resistant and strong. That is when the production of plastic products started, which brought many benefits to society, but only now have we understood the legacy of those products: they never actually “disappear” from the environment. Plastic waste is a huge global problem. The European Environment Agency determined that a large percentage of plastic waste is plastic bottles and plastic caps (almost 20%). Also, the European Union requires its members to devise strategies to reduce the amount of waste to a level that causes as little damage as possible. The company 3D soba has created a device that turns plastic bottles into filaments that can be directly used for 3D printing. It is important to emphasize that around 2 million units of 3D printers have been produced globally, with the forecast that this figure will increase to 21 million by 2030. Therefore, the number of filaments needed for 3D printers will grow exponentially, and it is important to create the conditions to directly use plastic bottles for the production of filaments. Our company is also the creator of the first Montenegrin 3D printer Buddy, and the idea is to update this version of the printer by integrating a device for converting a plastic bottle into filament during the printing itself.


3D soba; Miloš Grbovic

3D soba

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