The Spa, Bansko

“The concept of the new interior project is to achieve a sense of calmness and luxury through unexpexted design elements.”
The project presents a complete interior refurbishment of the spa centre of hotel Kempinski Grand Arena Bansko, Bulgaria.
All old interior design elements (equipment, finishes, lighting, etc.) were removed and replaced with new ones with minor changes of the existing floor plan.
The idea is to slow down and wake up your senses while preparing for a massage near the reception, having a drink at the “Vitamin bar” in front of the inside swimming pool, or laying on the custom designed bench after a swim.
The elements – the flow of the water, the warmth of fire and the freshness of ice – spare introduced indoors with the fireplaces, the ice fountain and the heated relax bench resembling an ocean wave or a sand dune, in addition to the typical professional spa equipment.


M1K3 Projects; Slavin Baylov, Margarita Bojinova, Georgi Kostov

Tourism enterprise
Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena Bansko

Year of completion

Bansko, Bulgaria

Total area
1330 m2

Site area
579 m2


Project Partners

JAF Group, FunderMax, Knauf Insulation, Marazzi Group

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