The Future is Now: BAT’s Office of Tomorrow

The project stands as a revolutionary approach to office design, merging form, function, and the user-friendly approach into a cohesive whole. This space is more than an aesthetic statement; it’s an embodiment of the company’s core values—innovation, collaboration, and sustainability — materialized in an environment that vibrates with the collective energy of its people.

Upon entry, visitors are welcomed by a reception that strikes a perfect balance between technology and contemporary elegance. The strategic use of ambient and indirect lighting not only accentuates the modernity of the space but also creates a focal point at the reception desk, which glows invitingly. This area sets the stage for the experience of the office as a place that both impresses and welcomes. The workspace is designed for adaptability, featuring a central lounge with modular seating that promotes spontaneous interaction and embodies comfort. The deliberate choice of a vibrant color palette — shades of blue, joyful oranges, and a touch of nature — all infused the space with a creative pulse. This energetic environment is harmonized with biophilic design elements that reinforce the organization’s dedication to its employee’s well-being and ecological responsibility. Each zone within the office is a deliberate tribute to the company’s vision, crafted to support the dynamic flow of ideas. The office does not just exist within the bounds of its walls — it is a curated experience, designed to foster growth and flexibility in a way that resonates with the company’s progressive DNA.

To conclude, this project is not just a showcase of modern design but a witness to a workspace that can genuinely encapsulate a company’s identity and motivation. Every aspect, from the careful selection of textures and colors to the flow of spaces, contributes to a narrative that speaks of the company’s journey, its vibrant team, and the impactful legacy they strive to build.


Lemon Office Design; Elena Oancea

British American Tobacco

Year of completion

Bucharest, Romania

Sebastian Stan

Project Partners

Zambelis, Intra Lighting, Kastel, Vondom, Doimo Salotti, etc.

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