Tempel 74, Mellau

The apartment house Tempel 74 is in Mellau, a small village in the rural region of Bregenzerwald. The hamlet Tempel belongs to one of the most attractive house ensembles of the village. In cooperation with friends and neighbours, Evi Haller (host) and Jürgen Haller (architect) have constructed two new buildings instead of an old farmhouse which could not be preserved. The detailed reconstruction has enabled them to preserve the townscape of the hamlet. Tempel 74 is not only a precious contribution to the rural identity but more important a happy place for all guests. The two connected buildings consist of 10 apartments including an architecture office. The building stands for a simple and clear construction built in a mixed building structure. To meet the requirements of the regional and traditional building culture, only local wood out of regional forests has been used at the inside and outside. Tempel 74 connects old and new and offers recreation for highest requirements.


Baumeister Jürgen Haller

Evi & Jürgen Haller

Year of completion

Mellau, Austria

Total area
880 m2

Albrecht Imanuel Schnabel

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