Swimming pool complex and urban sports park Slovenj Gradec

The new development encompasses an urban park, a winter pool, and an outdoor swimming pool. The upper volume of the pool is entirely glass, transparent, and acts as a mirror reflecting the surrounding landscape. The two outdoor summer pools, along with the winter pool facility and the urban park, are connected by a main entrance platform.

The building has a rectangular shape in plan, clearly defined by the distinct elements of the pool deck with services and the glass cube of the pool area. The summer swimming pool is situated to the south of the winter swimming pool, with the swimming pool and children’s pool located within this area. The majority of the external landscaping will be covered by the urban park, which includes a variety of amenities. Programming for the landscaping features a skateboarding area, a bicycle area, a climbing area with an artificial wall, an outdoor fitness area, as well as walking paths with seating benches, bleachers, and rest areas.


Projekt d.d. Nova Gorica; Teja Savelli, Tine Kljun

Municipality of Slovenj Gradec

Year of completion

Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia

Total area
3.910 m2

Site area
13.700 m2

Miran Kambič

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