SUZANNE, collection of chests of drawers for memories

The collection of the first five dressers “Suzanne“ is indeed devoted to five Suzannes. Zuzana Čaputová, Slovakia’s President, I honestly envy our Eastern neighbours for her. To me, she is the embodiment of political culture, dignified, cultured, empathic, a fair lady … Zuzana Ceralová Petrofová, who stands at the helm of the Petrof company, the major producer of acoustic pianos in Europe, shipped to 65 countries… awesome woman, a successful manager, who is at the same time humble and nice … Zuzana Nepustilová, a close friend from Prachatice, a fun lady and a rainy day friend, full of energy and optimism. The depth of the bond she was sharing with her mom is extraordinary, as was the care she gave her … The song Suzanne by Leonard Cohen, which I love … And she feeds you tea and oranges … and which was so brilliantly, and with beautiful lyrics in Czech, performed by Václav Neckář, my absolute platonic childhood love and to my grandma who would call me “zuzanko“, which meant “my little girl“ … And by all means, they are devoted to all and every woman … Velvet lined drawers are there to store all our treasures (except for spouses, they simply won´t fit), rings from funny gold and those with diamonds, letters from our former boy-friends, and from our kids sent from summer campś … all our memories.


Helena Dařbujánová, Czech Republic

Helena Dařbujánová, Czech Republic

Year of production

Bára Prášilová, Johana Pošová

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