The Balance Pendant is a minimal, sculptural suspended light composed of a larger lit sphere on a short horizontal stem, and a second smaller lit sphere opposite, at the end of a longer downward curving stem.  The glass features the signature SkLO detail with a double-dipped molten rippling mouth where the piece is broken hot from the glassblowing pipe and fire-polished.


About the designer/ producer:

“Sklo” is the Czech word for “glass”.  The heart of our collections is hand blown Czech glass.  The idea of Craft is our focus.  Our philosophy regarding Craft defies tradition, putting Design ahead of technique.  We celebrate the old traditions, but our emphasis is on process and materiality, not decoration or perfection.  Our interest is in restraint, paring back to the simplest expression of the idea, yet to do so without sacrificing the most important consideration – beauty.




Designer: Karen Gilbert & Paul Pavlak, SkLO (USA)
Producer: SkLO
Country: The Czech Republic
Year of production: 2018
Photos: Bryan Meltz (of designers),  SkLO (of product)


Text provided by the authors of the project.