Studio lamp

The main highlight of the project is the rethinking of a studio lamp for home use. I made my first plans at the beginning of my master’s program as part of the “Home in a Sweet Home” course. I chose the studio lamp as a starting point because I deal with photography and with such a device you can adjust almost any light condition in a space. Here, the goal was mainly to help me work from home, and later I further developed the plans and did detailed research that supports the different functions of my lamp. The current concept includes several luminaires that allow us to adjust the lighting of our apartment to our liking, creating different moods or space experiences. The modular system allows you to add extra light sources to the lamp. The light sources can be mounted on the vertical or horizontal support and thus the exact direction of the light can be adjusted.


Kristóf Kovács, Hungary

LumoConcept, Hungary

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Kristóf Kovács

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