Building Blocks

Every ending is a new beginning.
The inspiration for designing the Building Blocks cabinet came after the demolition of a wall during an apartment renovation. Its components symbolize in an abstract way basic building blocks of the wall that once stood on this spot and was shattered during demolition. Building Blocks represents that important detail that gives the space and our life within that space that special touch. On one hand, it merges with the space, but on the other hand, it stands out. It all depends on the amount of attention we pay to it.
The creation of every new cabinet is inspired by the idea of a wall that was shattered to many different fragments. This type of design and assembling of fragments can give us limitless options for unique cabinet compositions. The hollow metal part in various interpretations symbolizes the wall that is no longer there, while the solid parts of the cabinet represent the basic building blocks of the wall — brick, cement, sand, concrete, etc. Each cabinet is therefore unique and thoughtfully designed according to the individual and the space it is placed in. Building Blocks highlights the importance of uniqueness, which is increasingly absent and less and less emphasized in the era of globalization. It is blurred in the identity of cities, spaces and in the life of the individual.
Building Blocks is in a way a synonym for the new human society that is already emerging. The awareness of the singularity and uniqueness of each individual is the power of humanity that will gradually oust the negative effects of globalization and allow the return of true values to the core of every individual as well as many forgotten crafts to the centres of our cities. Building Blocks (in the shape of a colourful lamella) can be placed in different parts of the space. It can become a shoe cabinet in the hallway, a TV stand in the living room, a kitchen island, etc.
The Building Blocks project is something that is developing organically and growing through various creations, shapes, materials and executions to its final image. Every situation as well as every space requires special treatment. Only after I get a feel for the space and the individual to whom the space is dedicated, can I start creating a Building Blocks cabinet. If the function of the wall is to divide the space, the Building Blocks cabinet binds it together.


Maja Stamenković, MA_ST_AR

Year of production

Marijo Zupanov

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