Herbal village, Gornji Grad

In the heart of the small village Gornji Grad is a white baroque cathedral, the largest in Slovenia. Behind it, on a former monk estate, is a charming herbal garden. A short walk away is the herbal house. Join their designers, guardians and herbalists Maja and Amanda on their private herbal path.

Experience the magical world of herbs that takes you to your inner world. The design and guiding principle of the herbalists is to know, understand and respect the natural and cultural heritage of the local area and traditional craftsmanship, themselves and the village community. Loyalty is also shown in their genuine personal storytelling. Herbs gently whisper stories. Yours too. Listen to it.


Maja Žerovnik and Amanda Kladnik

Mesto na vasi, private institution

Year of completion

Gornji Grad, Slovenia

Total area
Herbal house 70 m2,
Herbal garden 800 m2

Tomo Jeseničnik, Katarina Meža

Project Partners

Wood work: Franci Hriberšek, Ceramics: Anja Slapničar Contemporary Ceramics, Wool lights: društvo sločavskih filcark Bicka Ft. Mesto na vasi, private institution, Varstor, Jernej Štorgelj s.p


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