On Celovška Street, two sleek, gleaming skyscrapers rise. Not just high-rise buildings, but true skyscrapers. While Šiška boasts many more or less tall buildings, these two surpass them all and truly deserve to be called skyscrapers, as they seem to touch the sky. The towers in Šiška, which just yesterday seemed tired and drearily gray, now appear less inconspicuous in the company of these dazzling giants. The radiant verticals have injected new color into the previously colorless part of the city—bold and optimistic. As a result, the entire area shines in a new light.

These are the tallest residential buildings in Ljubljana and Slovenia, standing at 85 meters high, surpassing even the height of the castle hill. Undoubtedly, the towers have altered the city skyline, creating entirely new relationships between urban elements. What seemed tall just yesterday now appears tiny in comparison to these golden giants. The towers have brought a new dimension to the city, expressing the enormity that characterizes our time.


Scapelab; Boris Matić, Marko Studen, Jernej Šipoš

Spektra Invest d.o.o.

Year of completion

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Total area
42.500 m2

Site area
8.000 m2

Miran Kambič

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