Sol Standalone desk

A true all-rounder. Whether free-standing, suspended, or supported by two legs: sol is the perfect companion in all living areas, with a wonderfully clear design. Two inter-connected shells – one made of wood, the other covered with leather – form the clever basic idea. sol’s writing surface can be pulled out and clicks in at the two end positions.
In its extended state, it offers enough space to sit comfortably, while providing convenient access to the clever interior: a power socket with a USB connection and the innovative Qi charging technology for the wireless charging of smartphones and tablets provide power to various devices. Utensil boxes, milled pen trays, and a secret drawer make organisation easy. An optional attachment with dimmable LED lighting provides all the illumination you need. And a Stricktex tube bundles loose cables.


Sebastian Desch, Austria

Team 7, Austria

Year of production

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