Oldtimergarage Mellau

ARSP Architekten’s addition to an architectural classic is far more than a garage, it is a living space, showroom and panoramic lounge. The great passion of the new owner of the house in Mellau Hirschlitten, designed by Oskar Leo Kaufmann in 2001, is collecting beautiful cars. The wonderful view of the Bregenzerwald from the undeveloped part of the property should therefore not only be allowed to people, but also to vehicles. That is why the technically modified scissor lift can be used to lift one car at a time from the parking area protected by the slope into the exposed panorama lounge. It is obvious that not only the classic cars but also the matching lifestyle will be presented in front of this impressive backdrop. In an elegant atmosphere, the expensive vehicle can be enjoyed over a drink with friends. The new building recedes into the background as an abstract structure in front of the existing building. Like an iceberg, most of it is buried in the hillside below the viewing level. Only the panorama lounge appears as a generously glazed structure. The materials are reduced to a few high-quality surfaces. The soft and warm grey tones of exposed concrete and terrazzo dominate the spatial impression and create the appropriate background for the scenario curated by the occupant.


ARSP Architekten


Year of completion

Mellau, Austria

Zooey Braun

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