Sneaker Boutique

The sneaker store intends to create a multi-sensory experience due the space itself and the product showcase. A small location reminds of a cave-like environment, and the studio wanted to create a unique platform for the shop owners to create a unique atmosphere as a lifestyle. Challenges were met during designing the shop. A very small space, which turned out to be a positive aspect that helped to create a more intimate atmosphere. The storage that a retail shop needs, as a result the metal panels – to create a design object and function the shop needs. The result is a space that invites the users into a mystical and transcending and creates a tailor-made experience for each client. The location of the shop also works as a speakeasy sneaker store – not commercial and easy to find without an appointment. It tries to be dark in order to create a monochrome contrast with the main products but intimate, creating a unique place that redefines the concept of streets, adding a controversial cultural approach.



StreetWear Dealers

Year of completion

Thessaloniki, Greece

Total area
20 m2

Dimitris Dimitriadis

Project Partners

Lighting Luminaires: Bright.gr, Construction: Rcon.gr, Metal Constructions: Αrtofmetal

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