SLOW WOOL collection

Our SLOW WOOL collection brings mindfulness and conscious deceleration into the homes of our customers. We exclusively use 100% natural sheep’s wool from South Tyrolean shepherds, which is processed in small local partner manufactories in highest quality to wool blankets and pillows. The philosophy of our startup and all our products is not only the lifestyle of Slow Living, but also our vision of wholeness. Fair conditions for the environment and producers, a traditional processing “back to the roots” and a timeless, minimalistic design is what we understand by this – and what is reflected in each of our wool products. Our startup SLOWLI Concept was founded in Italy in 2020 as an online concept store and interior design studio. Since then, we produce & sell furniture and accessories in collaboration with local manufactories, social workshops and independent artists and designers in real handwork – sustainable, minimalist, mindful.


SLOWLI Concept / Angelika Frenademetz

SLOWLI Concept, Italy

Year of production

Alex Moling

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