TH01 | Targetti Hub, Florence

The TH01 project, developed for Targetti, the historic Italian lighting company, is located in the Florence headquarters. TH01, an acronym, in which T stands for Targetti, H is all that space represents – Headquarter, House, Hub, History, Happening – 01 because it is the first step of a path that involves Targetti internationally. The project idea is to create a wunderkammer, an attic of wonders, a space full of elements, unexpected and surprising, that can be transformed according to needs. TH01, conceived as a dynamic and flexible workplace, is in fact characterized by volumes with different characteristics and functions (reception area, exhibition area, laboratory, showroom, meeting/workshop area, event area), distinct and interconnected, in which each element plays an important role in telling the story, values and company products. The various volumes alternate in a game of textures, colors and materials that take shape and change their appearance through the wise use of light.



Targetti Sankey S.p.A.

Year of completion

Florence, Italy

Total area
990 m2

Anna Positano

Project Partners

DASS srl

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