POLI, the Aet Italia collection designed by Marco Poletti. Four poles inscribe a circle, a simple geometry that becomes the intuition to create a modular structure that houses a cylindrical washbasin. The result is a perfect combination of lightness and solidity, between empty and full. The minimalist structure is made up of stainless steel rods that can be composed in the towel holder, magnifying mirror, and adjustable rods equipped with soap dish and glass. The finishes, glossy or satin, are available in 4 variants: natural steel, anthracite PVD, copper PVD, and gold PVD. The washbasin, in many chromatic proposals, has two different diameters for each version, high and low, with the possibility of housing the tap inside.


Marco Poletti, Italy

AET Italia S.r.l., Italy

Year of production

Photopiù Sas; Fabio Baggio

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