Slow Wood Collection

Our SLOW WOOD Collection is fully oriented to the needs of our customers. It is designed in a timeless and minimalist way, so that on the one hand it fits into any interior style and on the other hand it can be used for years. Simultaneously, we are convinced that the more natural and fair the raw material, the more naturalness the piece of furniture will later bring to a home. That is why we exclusively use local solid wood from stone pine or spruce.
Our made to measure furniture pieces are easy to combine with each other and can often be used in different ways. For example, our modular shelf system “Tita”, whose individual elements can be combined in any arrangement. As well as our four-legged table “Ana”, which can find its place in many corners of an apartment due to its simple design. Whatever we do at SLOWLI Concept, we do it consciously. Because for us, sustainability is not a fashion. It is a way of life. And this is exactly what you can feel in each and every one of our pieces.


SLOWLI Concept & Angelika Frenademetz, Italy

SLOWLI Concept, Italy

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