In Millan, a district of Brixen / Bressanone, a new residential complex has been constructed on the site where the homonymous Götschele farmstead once stood. A key requirement for this project was the harmonious integration of the complex into its architectural surroundings. Götschele comprises two buildings, one facing west and the other south.

The architectural shapes of the surrounding buildings and rooftops are reflected in the reinterpreted gable roof, which merges into the brickwork at the sides, creating a ribbon effect, as well as in the honeycomb patterns observable from both directions. To ensure residents’ privacy, the inner access areas run along Plosestraße road. Consistent with the building’s playful yet essential design, the choice of materials reflects a minimalist approach, combining wash plaster and smooth-finish plaster.


ASAGGIO Architecture

Year of completion

Bressanone, Italy

Gustav Willeit

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