SKIA is a word of Greek origin: SKIA means shadow. Due to the habit, we have made of defining concepts using their opposite at times, the idea of ​​giving this name to a light source is at least a pleasant game of contrasts: there is no shadow without the light; it is the light that makes shadow possible. And another aspect that links SKIA to the material with which it is built also stimulates our curiosity: wood is by definition a living element and it is thanks to light that trees can live and grow; in this our interpretation of the bonds that regulate the balance of sustainability between the elements of nature, SKIA recomposes the existential pairing between wood and light. Furthermore, thanks to the rechargeable battery, SKIA is an opportunity to bring with you the atmosphere that wood and light together offer us: a very pleasant distinctive trait that makes it precious and unique.


Chi Wing Lo

Dimensione Chi Wing Lo, Made in Italy By Maroni

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