Signet Ring

This stool evokes a ring and more particularly a signet ring. Its profile is that of an arc of an ellipse. Its hollow shape with symmetrical lines is both rounded and square. Its sleek and soft curves make it a decorative piece that is pleasant to look at, elegant and modern. The Signet Ring line, therefore, oscillates between sophistication and simplicity. The originality, aesthetics, comfort, personalization, practicality, and flexibility of this collection helps create warm, harmonious, joyful, or sparkling atmospheres. These stools are space-saving, stable, and easy to move. The colors offered are bright and understated, vibrant and soothing, and even “pop” for some which allow you to personalize your interior with the stool that suits you best. Made of a robust material (polyurethane), these stools are available in fifteen colors and have a glossy finish. All stools are available with a velvet seat except for the gold and copper stools which are available with a black leather seat.


Cyril Rumpler


Year of production

Charlotte Aeb

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