Seven Hotel Paris

The Seven hôtel glamour is a four-star Parisian hotel, located in the heart of the Latin Quarter, in the 5th arrondissement near the Mouffetard market. The Hotel has a total of 35 rooms, with 28 standard rooms and 7 themed suites. Each suite has a clever connection to the number 7 in terms of its theme. For example suite 006 is named “The Seventh Sin” and is dedicated to sensuality whereas suite 106 is named “The Seventh Art” which is of course dedicated to cinema, clearly evident from the vintage movie posters and props scattered throughout the room. The other suites are themed as “The Seventh World”, “The Seven Chakras”, “The Seventh Day”, “The Seventh Heaven” and finally “The Seventh Note”. The remaining 28 standard rooms are also glamorous and fashionable in their own way, with neon lights above the bed headboards coupled with various colors such as mustard yellows, terracotta and dark blues depending on the room while the bathrooms are simple and clean in terms of design and materiality. The Hotel also offers a small SPA at basement level where guests can enjoy a massage in the relaxing candle lit space where the design is focused at creating a chapel-like atmosphere with earthy materials and carefully selected lighting fixtures. The guest only breakfast and bar area on the ground floor offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy their breakfast, aperitif and drink in an apartment-like atmosphere with a feature library filled with books, plants and other small carefully picked decorative objects. The space also offers a relaxing outdoor patio, filled with plants and furnished with rattan chairs that give the illusion of being away from the busy Paris city center. Finally, the reception area is decorated with plants and with a careful selection of original art pieces and warm colored furniture that invite visitors in. The reception area also features a small boutique where guests can buy various types of jams and other artisanal products from the area. The façade has also been redesigned with dark green color tones and a gold logo, that complement the existing stone façade.


EKKY Studio Architects; Nicolas Delefosse

Elegancia Hotels

Year of completion

Paris, France

Total area
1.150 m2

Nicolas Anetson

Project Partners

Alexis Mavros

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