Seafaring Farmhouse Erbazul

Erbazul is an aromatic Agricamping located on the first hill of Sanremo, Liguria region (Italy), homeland of farmers and sailors. The land is cultivated organically, and the aromatic herbs in the open field are the essence of the hospitality of the structure. Guests are welcomed by the scent and properties of herbs, and by the sea. Furthermore, seafaring tents have been created, where a typical Ligurian boat will be the refuge for them. The herbs and other see objects, books and small sculptures are arranged inside the tents like an overseas baazar. On request and based on the seasonality, the traveler will be able to choose the variety of herbs to have inside their tent, and enjoy their essence and properties: lavender to relax; rosemary for mental clarity; incense for sacredness, etc. Immersed in 7 thousand meters of fields, Erbazul is the perfect place for a detox experience, where guests have the opportunity to completely relax, experiencing the slow rhythm of the countryside


Stefano Sterpin

Tourism Entrepreneur

Year of completion

Sanremo, Italy

Total area
7.000 m2

Stefano Sterpin

Project Partners

Stefano Sterpin

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