Long Socks Table

The Long socks table is a modern style table, made of solid European oak, with natural, black or white oil and wax finish. It is characterized by a clean and regular line, bold and essential in the form which nobody leaves indifferent; less is enough. Light but elegant at the same time, with two drawers under the working plate, it is ideal for a small home working place and, at the same time, perfect as a makeup table. The table, because of its legs, looking like long socks, is a typical men’s table. It is a story about discrimination. The Long socks table is an elegant, wooden but light table, designed in a way, so it does not obscure its surroundings, combining functionality and expressive beauty at the same time. The table, because of its legs, looking like long socks, is a typical men’s table. The table exists in one more way: in the back part of the working plate, there are three long thin rolling wooden pins, making the shelf for books or sections where you could put the mirror. This table has been inspired by the piano. The designer got inspiration while she was watching her little niece playing the piano, near the writing desk. She began by drawing a lot of sketches on a basic form, which she developed through a process of hands-on model making. So the desk is called Piano. But only women were buying Piano; the designer wondered why… Men told her that Piano is a typical table for women. “We need a men’s table”, they said. So, after a while, she reduced the drawings of the table, by reading the books about Japanese life and culture, and made an even more elegant and less decorative table that perfectly fits in every surroundings, Long socks, a typical men’s table. This time men and women were both satisfied.


Wood Mood Design, Serbia

Wood Mood Design, Serbia

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