Saint Charles Experience Store Salzburg

Natural cosmetics brand Saint Charles opened its first experience store in the city center of Salzburg. The goal was to create a place of well-being where customers senses are addressed and products from nature are made tangible. Located in a historical building from the 14th century, the focus of the store interior is on handmade, organic materials illustrating the connection to nature, design and regional craftsmanship. The reduced store design serves as a blank canvas for the high quality product range which comes in sustainable brown or violet glass bottles. Natural materials such as wood and raw steel do justice to the honest
look of the brand. In order to enable customers to experience the products, whitewashed wooden pedestals are arranged against the wall displaying different testers, while articles for sale are arrayed on steel shelves at eye level and close at hand. Two central counters were clad in cracked slip tiles by Matthias Kaiser at the heart of the shop.


Büro KLK

Saint Charles Organic GmbH

Year of completion

Salzburg, Austria

Total area
50 m2

David Schreyer

Project Partners

Erco, Senso, Matthias Kaiser Ceramics, Stefan Knopp, Wolfgang Ure Schwere Ausstattung

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