Riding Stable

The Riding Stable was originally part of the Austro-Hungarian military complex and has been reconstructed for the Land Registry Department of the Municipal Court in Zagreb. The original floor plan dimensions of the protected building were not sufficient to accommodate the new use. Emphasis was placed on preserving the original composition of the existing Riding Stable while adding a new annex. The new transparent steel-glass extension creates a contrast to the existing brick building and preserves and showcases its characteristic composition and typological uniqueness.

The proportions and format of the Riding stable informed the way in which the new program is inserted: offices and courtrooms are organized into strips that are alternately placed, forming voids with enough daylight for workspaces. An ambivalent dialogue between robust contrast and careful insertion of the new with the old is consistently executed both functionally and structurally, as well as in the form and the choice of materials.


MORE Arhitecture; Davor Bušnja

Ministry of Justice, Republic of Croatia

Year of completion

Zagreb, Croatia

Total area
5.700 m2

Site area
9.000 m2


Project Partners

Architecture: Zrinka Mrković-Mračić, Margareta Jelačić Jagodić, Ivan Milonja, Tomi Šoletić, Léa Quenet, Vedran Škopac, Davor Bušnja
Conservationist: Martina Knezović, GZZSKP
Structure: Filip Cvetko, Branko Galić, Radionica statike
HVAC: Tomislav Vučinić, Termo projekting
Electricity: Mladen Šafar, GRID
Plumbing: Petra Sirovec, Damir Keglević, APZ Hidria
Sprinkler system: Branimir Cindori, APIN projekt
Graphic design and signage: Orsat Franković, Flomaster
Contractor: ING-GRAD

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