Renovation of Auditorium at the Faculty of Arts, University of Maribor

The renovation of the biggest auditorium of the Faculty for Philosophy of University of Maribor grew around the inherent mental background of a space, using artificial resources of light and incorporating logic, function and form into the design concept. The basic guidelines in designing the renovation were to bridge the gap between clients’ needs and expectations and a final product realised in harmony with its surroundings by opening a dialogue between the specifications of an existing site and the new structure, to show respect of the building as a heritage of Slovenian architecture of the 20th century, reminiscent of the author’s solutions. We maintained the longitudinal lines of the existent built structure as a quality of space and further emphasized them with new interventions as a tribute to the first author Branko Kocmut. The basic color scheme and the choice of materials preserve the original design and upgrades it to show contemporaneity in renovation and expressive appearance with the addition of modern materials and colors that subordinately follow the original color scheme.


Arhiteza d.o.o.; Polona Lipičnik, Mateja Katrašnik

University of Maribor

Year of completion

Maribor, Slovenia

Total area
480 m2

Matej Lozar

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