ARHIMETRICS is an architectural office based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. ARHIMETRICS was founded by Dare Vasiljevič and Tanja Špan Vasiljevič in 2011. Office joins architects and designers with same clear goal: to challenge a variety of architecture and design tasks and find new solutions, ways to live, or subtle design qualities. ARHIMETRICS’s team honestly believe in what they do and treat any project with the utmost importance and passion. In order to be able to produce innovative and effective answers ARHIMETRICS’s solutions are always the result of research driven design, shrewd analysis, playful experimentation, social responsibility, thoughtful design and a bit of humour. The result is always a strong binding of the buildings with the environment that surrounds them.

Despite being a relatively young office, ARHIMETRICS has built a solid reputation for being a thorough and reliable firm that can be trusted to deliver what is requested. At the same time, they always seek to challenge the tasks they are engaged in. Instead of being a consultant, ARHIMETRICS envisions itself as a proactive partner for its client.


Rog AP01

Rog AP01; ARHIMETRICS arhitekti; Dare Vasiljevič, Tanja Špan Vasiljevič, Janez Vrhunc │BIG SEE Awards 2018


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